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Communication Skills for Professionals

English Language and Business Communication


Business, whether within the borders of India or across countries and continents is becoming increasingly globalized. That means that interactions with people of different backgrounds, cultures, business environments, and more will continue to increase with time. A critical aspect of being able to deal with all kinds of people is being able to communicate effectively with them. While languages may differ from one city to the next, not just in India but across the globe, there is one that is the most widely used and which can be trusted to bridge most communication gaps. That language is English.


The Importance Of English

English is the most widely used language in global business. Across the world those for whom it is not a mother tongue take the trouble to learn it to be able to communicate and have business dealings with people from other lands. Those people will usually also have taken the trouble to learn to communicate in English. Because so much business is done using English, more and more people are learning it to enhance their professional productivity and standing both within and outside their organizations. This is a trend that will only continue to grow in the future.


In India, we have been lucky in having the widespread use of English as the norm. However, the language that we use in this country has been modified to meet our local needs. While it is still English, the way it is used may seem strange to people from other regions. Being able to speak in English and be understood by others, whether in India or across borders, is one thing. Being able to converse in a way that effectively transmits what you want to say and is easy for others to understand is more difficult. To be comfortable in your communications and to make others feel comfortable communicating with you, while being clear and accurate, is the core of business communications. And those who can communicate effectively are those who stand out among their colleagues.


Establishing Connections

No one works in isolation in the modern world. Whether it is in an office environment or working from home, communication with others is the bedrock of efficient performance. With electronic communications, in various forms, by writing or speaking, so easy and widespread, those who are not comfortable using the language of global business are at a disadvantage. English language skills vital for:

  • Interactions with others within the organization

  • Dealing with customers and suppliers

  • Establishing working relationships with those important to your professional functioning

  • Networking outside your organization to increase your standing in the corporate world


The Corporate Need For English Proficiency

While individuals are understanding the importance of good English and a business tool, more and more companies are doing the same. That is why there is such an increased interest on the part of management to ensure that people in their organization are able to communicate effectively in English. In the modern business scene, even those in back office functions may have to interact with people from other departments, companies and regions. Being able to speak English effectively makes it easier for them to achieve results and also reflects well on the organization they are part of.


SofWeb’s English Language and Business Communication program is designed to meet the English proficiency needs of both individuals and corporates that are looking to enhance their image and profile and by doing so, improve their standing in the business world

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