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Excel At MS Excel


People often look at MS Excel as simply an automated way of working with numbers. This is correct at the most basic level of the application, but to limit Excel to only this function is to deprive yourself and others who work with you of the many other benefits and advantages it offers.


With Excel you can:

  • Avoid the wastage of time and frustration of spending hours on mechanical and repetitive tasks

  • Avoid the stress and strain of spending long hours analyzinglarge datasets. And once having done it rechecking everything to ensure that no mistakes were made in the process

  • Present data, reports, charts and more to others through stunning visual depictions using Excel’s highly sophisticated charting and graphing capabilities

  • Interpret data that has been given to you

  • Reorganize data to meet specific applications and needs

  • Segregate and filter data to make it more concise and relevant

  • Track project progress and monitor areas where plan modifications are required, more resources need to be allocated, identify causes of delay, etc.

  • Forecast and plan resource allocation

  • Implement administrative and managerial functions and duties

  • Create calendars and schedules

  • Manage finances

  • And much more


Excel is among the most highly sophisticated applications now in use. Most users only scratch the surface of the vast range of tools and uses that Excel offers. Being able to use Excel to its full potential will give you a huge advantage over others in the workplace who are limited in the way it can be used. This means that you:

  • Will be able to quickly compile data

  • Analyze and apply it to meet specific requirements

  • Produce results faster

  • Use the time saved for other productive work and so become an example of productivity and efficiency.

To properly learn how to use Excel the right way and get the maximum benefits from it, a person needs to be taught by experts who have themselves been certified by Microsoft. Excel is a complex application and attempts to learn it by using other apps, online teaching resources and do-it-yourself books can only produce limited results.


SofWeb’s Excel at MS Excel program is designed to give you the benefits of learning from Microsoft certified trainers with over 10 years of hands-on industry experience. This means that you will not have to waste time on the job trying to understand how to use the app, so you can begin using it from the start to enhance your productivity and efficiency.


Management and leadership are all about having information at your disposal and being able to use it the right way. Excel is the tool that will make this possible.


Our Excel at MS Excel program is designed for both beginners as well as those familiar with it but seeking to take their usage to higher levels.


Click here to contact us to find out more and to have your questions answered.

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