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Confidence is the foundation of growth. Without confidence, there can be no willingness to participate and contribute. A person may have to knowledge and abilities to be a major contributor to the achievement of a set goal. However, if a person is unsure of him or herself, thenthat contribution remains within and is not presented to others so that it can become a factor in success.


Insecurity is Normal

Everyone has feelings of insecurity. Even the most respected leaders have confessed to being unsure of themselves and fearing failure. These are normal feelings. It is this insecurity and anxiety that makes people examine situations more closely than they otherwise would to try to remove any doubts they may have. Not feeling anxious at times can lead to overconfidence and this is where mistakes are often made. Success comes from being able to manage this anxiety and use it to confirm the correctness of a proposed plan of action.


Confusion and Anxiety

These normal emotions can become roadblocks to personal progress and growth. They can have a paralysing effect on performance. In a corporate scenario, this means not being able to express thoughts and opinions or give others the benefits of expertise that a person may possess. People with uncontrolled insecurities will fade into the background because they will not have the strength to express their thoughts and by doing so, establish their value as contributors.


Thought Cannot Become Action

When faced with problems, people will try to find solutions to them. The problem for those who are unsure of their abilities is that when they do find the solutions, they are fearful of acting on them. Even when they can translate thought into action, the way that this is done is often hesitant and confused. The chances of success in such a situation are extremely low. Lack of confidence means that while creating plans of action is possible, these are often not result-oriented and this lack of focus is the beginning of either failure or at best, mediocre results.


Creativity Is The Key

Creativity means the ability to fashion concepts and ideas that provide not just ways to overcome problems but to also work in ways that avoid potential obstacles and improve operational effectiveness. To be creative is not just a matter of being able to daydream. It requires an objective understanding of personalstrengths and weaknesses. This allows creative concepts to evolve in a manner that the individual will be able to take them forward and reach objectives.  But creativity Is not something that can be learned from books. It is inherent in everyone. From wishful thinking to emotional reactions, dreams and bursts of inspiration, creativity is a product of thought and emotion. Being able to channel this creativity into contributions in the workplace requires confidence and the ability to express thoughts in a manner that others can not only understand but also relate to.


Fear Can Be Frightening

Fear of failure is normal. Giving into it is a weakness that can be overcome. This is where the soft skills of communication, empathy, persuasion and effective interpersonal dealings come into play. With the right soft skills, a person can achieve the ability to overcome the fear of failure and project their thoughts, plans and concepts to others in a confident manner that will gain not just the acceptance but the support of those who are involved in the plans.


LIFE is about loving life because you have the soft skills to take you where you want to go.


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