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Train the Trainer


Indian industry is seeing a growing awareness of the vital importance of providing employees with training and skill development to make them more productive and by doing so increasing the organization’s ability to compete and grow. At all levels of intake, organizations have systems in place to evaluate a candidate’s technical and professional knowledge and skill. What is difficult to assess until after people have been on the job for some time, is how well they fit into the corporate structure and how they are able to interact with other employees. Even the most highly skilled and experienced people may not be able to produce the expected results as what was learned externally may not easily translate into the specifics of the organization’s style and method of functioning. Additionally, business knowledge is always evolving and the best way for people to stay up-to-date with development in their field is by participating in training programs. Obsolete knowledge and skills can make a business obsolete.


The Need for Training

For some time now many corporates have been including the value of their human resources in their balance sheets. It is logical that they should add value to this asset, as they do to others. Upskilling is a popular buzzword at all levels of an organization. This means enhancing a person’s existing skill sets and levels. While this may increase the person’s potential contribution to the organization, translating it into the specific strengths the organization needs, within the corporate culture and methods of the organization, can be difficult. This can negate the potential benefits of a person’s inherent abilities. Qualified trainers that can provide the training and skill enhancement that are specific to a particular organization are able to provide the upskilling in a manner that relates to the needs of the organization. They can conduct training programs aimed at the client organization’s needs. This means that the benefits of this skill upgrading to the individual and the organization are both focussed and immediate.


Trainers Need Training

Domain expertise is not enough to make a person an effective trainer. Conveying that knowledge in a manner that those being trained are able to understand and internalize it is a skill of its own. An effective trainer needs to be trained in the science of training. These are not just words. A good trainer must have the skills to conduct a training program so that those who attend leave it with increased abilities to contribute to the client organization’s growth.


The SofWeb Advantage

Corporate training is an excellent professional path with huge growth potential. Our Train the Trainer module:

  • Provides you with a comprehensive collection of scientific tools and techniques for training and coaching dynamics, virtual activities, ice breakers and much more.

  • Teaches you how to be an impactful and effective trainer, coach and counsellor.

  • Tools that enable the effective planning and delivery of all types of training programs.

  • Provides participants with certification from both NIST and SofWeb.

  • The opportunity to become part of the SofWeb training community.

The number of people successfully trained is over 330 and the number is steadily rising.


Who Is The Program For?

The program is for anyone who is interested in a career in corporate training. Your qualifications and experience are not important. SofWeb will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful trainer and grow in stature in this respected profession.


Corporates that are planning to start their own in-house training programs for their employees will also benefit hugely by deputing people for SofWeb’s Train the Trainer program.


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