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'The Story Behind Life

The story behind - LIFE

Since childhood, I being the youngest, was always pampered and loved the most. And, every wish of mine was fulfilled even before I could clearly express it to my family. My father was a self-made man and I was, am and will be always proud of him. Not only because he was the most successful business of his time and the legacy continues, but because he taught me the true meaning of SUCCESS.

SUCCESS is Learn Invest Flourish Evolve.


Learn –  A learner is one who has the curiosity and appetite in indulging into new ventures. A continuous learner keeps the child within alive all through their life and is lives LIFE to the fullest as during childhood.


Invest – Investment is just not about returns, profits or a mindboggling bank balance.

Invest your TIME, ENERYG & MONEY to upskill yourself to become a better version of yourself at every phase of your life.


Flourish – Spread your wings and create an impact in your personal & professional growth.

‘People should remember you for Who you are? Rather than What you do?’


Evolve – Ultimate goal – Unleash your potentials – IQ+EQ+SQ+AQ = SUCCESS.

With this kind of growth mindset and blessed life, I entered my new phase of life _ Marriage.

Like every other girl with all my dreams at the age of 22 and by 28, I was the mother of 2 loving children. Everything was Good, though since the very beginning, the dream, the ambition of being an entrepreneur – GOT LOST.


I began with many new ventures & freelancing opportunities BUT was unable to live up to it.

Eventually got trapped into a golden cage of Unworthiness, not respected, fear of failure, Risk taking, strained relationships, empty nest syndrome, grief & guilt.


Golden cage because, from outside it was all beautiful.

And, then in 2011, I aroused to my inner voice and LIFE happened.


I am Haarrdika Rajdev, your Success Coach. As a continues learner, I have certified myself in 12 different modalities like NLP, Soft skills, Agile, Genetic Brain Profiling, Emotional Intelligence, Kaizen, Ikigai, Law of attraction and more, that get me to closely understand human mindset, desires, goals, emotions, feelings, thought process, fears, beliefs, values and much more.


With this enriched experience, I have touched the lives of more than 25K women & working professionals to achieve their goals (personal & Professional) and live a LIFE of Purpose, Peace, Passion & Paise. (financial Independence).


To unleash your potentials & strike a work-life balance


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